e-cargobikes.com: Second-generation cargobikes arrive in the UK


Julia Swales talked to Alan Braithwaite, a Director of e-cargobikes.com, and an advisory board member of The Foundation for Future Supply Chain, to find out what’s happening now, a year on from her last interview with CEO James FitzGerald.

The first major change on this ‘journey’ is the transition to a second generation of e-cargobike. Traditional e-cargobike design is pretty much the same vehicle that Dutch and Danish families use to transport their children. E-cargobikes.com has used these …

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London's e-cargobikes.com and Berlin's Onomotion GmbH collaborate on last-mile delivery


E-cargobikes and OnoMotion are teaming up to launch a second generation e-cargobike, which combines the agility of a bike with the capacity of a van.

OnoMotion, a Berlin-based tech firm, has teamed with E-cargobikes to bring its transormative electric cargo bikes to the UK market.


The launch of the ONO e-cargobike is set for the London EV Show (28-30 November, ExCeL London), a leading event for electric vehicle stakeholders.

Zero-emission deliveries

According to the partners, traditio…

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E-Cargobikes.com: A sustainable journey.


E-Cargobikes.com: A sustainable journey.

By Alan Braithwaite (NED, e-cargobikes.com)

The world is burning

Look no further than the comments of Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, in relation to the scorching temperatures and wildfires in Southern Europe. It is also gasping; the impacts of such events on health and wellbeing are well documented by Kings College London. The UK Climate Change committee is clear that our country is not on track to meet its Net Zero 2050 goal.

The recent con…

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E-cargobikes turn Ocado into a green grocer

The Times newspaper aricle on e-cargobikes  OCADO

Electric bikes turn Ocado into a green grocer

The Times has reported on our multi-year contract with Ocado to run a number of Ocado branded e-bikes across London. You can read the article by clicking here. We have extracted some quotes from the article below.

“Proponents believe electric cargo bikes represent the future of “last mile” urban delivery. “It’s ants, not elephants,” says James FitzGerald, co-founder and managing director of e-carg…

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The Co-Op launches zero emission delivery with e-cargobikes.com

e-cargobike-zero emission Home-Delivery-Co-Op retail gazette1

The Co-op has unveiled a brand new online delivery service that uses e-cargobikes.

It’s the first time the grocery retailer has offered online deliveries via a dedicated website, and orders will initially be fulfilled using the electric bikes, which are human powered but feature a zero-emission electric motor for assistance.

The Co-op said a courier delivers the items within two hours for a standard £5 charge on a minimum £15 spend.

The service will initially be av…

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London and Berlin firms collaborate on last-mile delivery

onomotion London EV show 2023

ONOMOTION debut at London EV Show 28th - 30th Nov. Stand B56