Going the extra mile

Our vehicles combine the speed and agility

of a bike with the cargo capacity of a van




An Urban Logistics Revolution:

We have partnered with Berlin-based ONOMOTION GmbH to bring the efficiencies of swap-body vehicle technology to the UK.

The perfect zero-emission logistics solution

Over an 8 hour shift ONO's can deliver more weight and volume than a van for less than 1% of the energy, carry triple the payload of a conventional cargobike, and with all-round weather protection for Cargonauts, they meet the needs of riders, fleet managers, and our planet.

The benifits of swap-body containers are well understood: enabling pre-packing of goods in advance of a vehicle's return from an earlier route dramatically reduces turn-around time at warehouses and CFCs, so vehicles are out on the road serving customers for longer, your unit costs are lower, and your customer response times times are shorter.

Container module

  • Full height side and rear doors
  • Locked with built-in RFID technology
  • GPRS tracking (independant of tractor unit)
  • Parking brake (RFDI controlled)
  • Onboard power supply (indepentant of tractor unit)
  • Motion/tamper protection with push notification to your Controller
  • Automatic sleep mode for tamper protection (can be parked <6 months, wakes with motion)
  • Interior LED lighting
  • Adjustable height shelving
  • 360 degree castoring wheels
  • 200kg payload (190kg if shelves fitted)
  • Interior 2m2  L 166cm W 72cm H 168cm
  • Exterior L 170cm W 80cm H 175cm

Loading in under 60 seconds

  • Extruded aluminium loading ramps (stowable beneath container module)
  • Locking onto tractor unit with RFDI
  • Sealed bearing guide rails
  • Tractor unit charges container module battery when loaded

Ready to go!

  • Fully compliant with EPAC cargo cycle regulations (no driving license required)
  • Fully comlpiant for cycle paths bus lanes
  • Cabin provides  rain and wind protection 24/7/365
  • 1.4 kWh swapable battery
  • Range <25km (single battery) <50km (double battery)
  • Automatic RFDI locking
  • Remote access GPS tracking
  • Twin motors, 113 Nm torque
  • Pedal-assisted to 25 km/h
  • Pedal-free throttle to 6 km/h
  • Cab: LCD dashboard, sprung seat, USB port, cup holder, rear view mirrors, windsreen wash & wiper, front & rear indicators, front & rear LED road lighting
  • Vehicle Weight 235 kg (Empty)
  • Exterior L 340cm W 116cm H 205cm

In the press



 Increase your company's 'up-time' with ONO's swap-body design

With it's roll-on roll-off  modular container unit design, 2m³ capacity, and average speeds of over 12.5mph, the ONOMOTION really gets things moving. Fleet managers understand that every second spent loading, traveling to the first delivery, and returning from the last, reduces delivery eficiency. Loading and stem-mileage accounts for 62% of a traditional fixed-body cargobike route. By contrast ONO can be loaded and back out on the road in under 60 secounds, and it's capacity to carry more means your stem-mileage costs are spread over a greater number of deliveries, resulting in a significant reduction in your opperating costs, and considerable savings for your customers.

ONO cargobikes have over 3 times the capacity of conventional cargobikes allowing more deliveries and greater up-time.

Conventional cargobikes have limited capacity. Average route time is c.58 minutes with only 22 minutes, or 38%, of that being up-time.

Working within a 5-mile radius of collection point an ONOMOTION can reach 5'750 london households and 1'650 businesses


ONOMOTIONs are designed and manufactured in Berlin to auto industry principles and standards, so reliability of service is assured and maintanance costs are minimal.



We employ a team of full time e-mechanics trained on a raft of diagnostic tools necessary to ensure the fastest possible turnaround times for vehicle servicing. If you've purchased or leased vehicles with a service package, we'll either carry out servicing at your premises, or return vehicles to our workshops, depending on location and fleet size.


Our cargobike training program combines industry-standard cycling logistics teaching with customized elements tailored to your precise business needs. By working with us you ensure excellent customer service and enhance your brand value.

Our Comprehensive Services & Finance Options

e-cargobikes.com offer a full suite of services including vehicle-only supply and maintenance, white glove vehicle and rider packages, and client rider training modules.

To ensure clients achieve the full economic benefits of ONO's unique features, we also offer consultation services on best practice for optimal vehicle integration, route planning and productivity.

Our vehicles and services are available nationwide on an outright purchase basis and through multiple flexible finance options.

Contract for Delivery Services

  • Vehicle and rider included
  • Fixed term
  • Maintenance included
  • Average CPO ranging between £0.65 and £7.90 per delivery subject to basket size, weight and drop density
  • Fleet telematics and API integration included
  • Client branded vehicles

Hire Purchase

  • Fixed contract term
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Low deposit
  • Asset on balance sheet from day one
  • Corporation tax & VAT deductible

Finance Lease

  • Flexible contract term
  • Low up-front costs
  • Fixed end of term residual value
  • Unlimited mileage allowance
  • Mileage related maintenance packages


Contract Hire

  • Flexible contract term
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Fixed mileage allowance
  • Mileage related maintenance packages
  • Breakdown cover included
  • Client branded vehicles