London's and Berlin's Onomotion GmbH collaborate on last-mile delivery


E-cargobikes and OnoMotion are teaming up to launch a second generation e-cargobike, which combines the agility of a bike with the capacity of a van.

OnoMotion, a Berlin-based tech firm, has teamed with E-cargobikes to bring its transormative electric cargo bikes to the UK market.


The launch of the ONO e-cargobike is set for the London EV Show (28-30 November, ExCeL London), a leading event for electric vehicle stakeholders.

Zero-emission deliveries

According to the partners, traditional e-cargobike design is pretty much the same vehicle that Dutch families have used for decades to transport their children. E-cargobikes, a London-based delivery company, reports it has used these vehicles to make more than 500,000 zero-emission deliveries in London, partnering with major retailers like Sainsburys, Co-op and Ocado.

It reckons it has shown that a first-generation e-cargobike can deliver the same weight and volume of goods in the same time period as a van for less than one per cent of the energy cost. This practical operating experience has given the company insight into the cargo bike’s capabilities, and also where further design innovation could more comprehensively address an existential challenge for cities.